Registering a business or company name in Australia does not provide you with protection against others copying your name. Registration of a trade mark under the Australian Trade Marks Act 1995, provides the applicant with the right to use and to protect that mark from copying by others.

If you do not register your trade mark someone else might!

Regularly we see cases where a party has commenced trading under their brand and negated the need to protect this with a trade mark registration. Where another party registers a trade mark the same or similar, they could demand you cease use and change your brand.

Registering a trade mark is considered an efficient way of protecting your business. Without a trade mark other parties may be able to copy your brand/image without recourse and any attempted legal action would be complicated and costly.

We make the registration of your trade mark efficient and ensure effective protection of your business.

So for peace of mind and to protect your business register your trade mark today!