As trusted experts in our field we can cater for all of your trademark and IP needs in Australia. We provide a summary of the key requirements for filing a trademark in Australia below.

For any specific details please get in touch and we will respond with a recommended course of action.

The basic requirements for filing of a trademark in Australia:

  1. An Australia an address for service of documents must be provided.
    We have a direct account with the Australian IP Office where we record your application and our firm as the requisite address for service in Australia to receive all correspondence relating to the trademark application.
  2. Compulsory details we need for filing your client’s application:
    Name and address of applicant
    (Physical address or Po box is allowed)
    Description of goods and services to be covered by the trade mark
    (We review the goods and services to ensure they accord with our practice before filing)
    Electronic copy of the trade mark (if other than a word mark)
    Convention priority details (if appropriate) (filed at no extra cost)
    (Convention Priority can be claimed where an application was filed in the 6 months prior from another Convention country (the applicant’s jurisdiction)).
  3. No Power of Attorney (POA) or notarised or legalised special documents are required for filing.
  4. Multi class applications are allowed in Australia.
  5. Official fees are calculated per class, not per item of good or services specified.

Registration of a trademark typically takes around 7 takes around where the application proceed smoothly. We are always available to answer any questions you have and we provide the surety of a fixed fee basis for the registration process.

To learn more about our Australian trade mark registration process, click here.