We are delighted to announce that MacMillan Trade Marks has joined professional services group, Halo Group Holdings.

Halo Group is the holding company of Hamilton Locke, Emerson CoSec and Source, delivering essential corporate services across legal, governance, risk and compliance, helping businesses grow and thrive. Halo Group recognised the corporate services industry needed to evolve and established a more efficient, effective and economical model that springs directly from client needs. The group brings together top tier and niche expertise and create a culture that fosters collaboration, development and growth.

Hamilton Locke is a leading corporate and commercial law firm, recognised as Australia’s fastest-growing firm in the legal sector. Emerson CoSec is a secretarial and governance platform. Source is an outsourced legal counsel, HR and CFO services business, providing professional expertise via price-certain monthly retainers.

The MacMillan Trade Marks team is excited to join Halo Group, and collaborate with each of the businesses within the group, and provide access to these businesses services to MacMillan’s clients.