Our Partners


MacMillan Trade Marks is part of Halo Group Holdings (Halo Group), which is also the holding company of Hamilton Locke, Emerson CoSec, Source and The Fold. Halo Group empowers exceptional people to deliver essential corporate services across legal, governance, risk and compliance. MacMillan offers direct access to Halo Group’s services, providing you with a platform to help your businesses grow and thrive.

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Hamilton Locke

As Australia’s fastest growing law firm, Hamilton Locke transforms the traditional approach to corporate legal services, removing bureaucracy and administration, focusing on solving complex client problems.

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Source is an outsourced legal counsel, HR and CFO services business, providing exceptional professional expertise accessible for any business, via price-certain monthly retainers. Exactly what businesses need, when they need it.

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Emerson CoSec

Emerson CoSec offers a full range of company secretarial and governance services to public, private and not-for-profit companies, providing tailored solutions, from augmenting and supporting existing functions to managing all company secretarial and governance requirements.

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The Fold

The Fold is a specialist industry-focused firm, providing regulatory, corporate and commercial advice to financial services and credit businesses. The Fold combines deep industry knowledge with a commercial approach, supporting clients beyond just their legal needs.

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Compliance for Business

Compliance for Business effectively manages all compliance needs. Whether a large or small business, Compliance for Business provides a simple, cost-effective solution, in place of costly in-house compliance services.

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