In terms of trademarking, every country has its own practice and procedures, so there is no one fits all approach that would correctly secure your brand protection internationally.

As part of a network of over 100 attorney firms worldwide, MacMillan Trademarks can be a single point of contact for your international trademark protection. We have established relationships with expert attorneys in every country with streamlined procedures to ensure you get clear advice and a precise recommended course of action every time.

In protecting a client’s brand we may utilise the efficiency of an international trademark system known as the Madrid Protocol which allows the filing of a single international application to over 80 member countries. However, there are benefits and disadvantages of this form of registration and not all countries are members.

We also have the resources to conduct an international trademark search that can report on the availability of your proposed mark in any number of countries before filing and alleviate the time spent waiting on responses from worldwide trademark offices, which can take up to 2 years or more.

It’s imperative to contact an expert with up to date and relevant knowledge of the requirements in each jurisdiction, as there are always amendments to legislation and new case law precedents being set which changes the way each country operates.

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